Tips and Shortcuts for Jewellery Making by Stephen O’Keeffe

This is a handy guide to the basic techniques of jewellery making. It is filled with useful hints and tips to help makers avoid the most common pitfalls and to make their work professional-looking. Highly illustrated, the book is filled with step by step photographs to guide the budding jewellery maker. There are also fifty … Continue reading

Practical Jewellery-Making Techniques: Problem Solving by Stephen O’Keeffe

Practical Jewellery-Making Techniques: Problem Solving presents an overview of the core jewellery-making techniques but provides easier alternative solutions for achieving the same results as traditional methods. Each chapter is packed with unique ideas on how the jewellery maker can make tasks simpler, quicker or less expensive, and produce beautiful pieces. There are instructions for adapting … Continue reading

The Seven Moments In Life That Really Matter by Christian Blake

The Seven Moments are an indispensable tool for achieving happiness and contentment. When you know how to use them properly, you can elevate your level of enjoyment in practically every life encounter. This digital book is 10,000 words in length.

Ropes, Separation, Tear by Zeev Kachel (Author) and Uvi Poznansky (Editor)

Zeev Kachel, a writer, poet and artist, published three books: a prose book “Dams Erupting” in 1957, a poetry book “Can We Still Love” in 1961, and a prose book “Beyond The Window, What Day Is It Today” in collaboration with his daughter, Uvi Poznansky in 1977. Until his passing at the age of ninety … Continue reading

Somewhere Over the Rainbow, I’ve Lost My Damn Mind: A Manic’s Mood Chart by Derek Thompson

I figure that if I have to endure the worst parts of bipolar disorder, like psychosis, I get to laugh as much as possible along the way. Somewhere Over the Rainbow, I’ve Lost My Damn Mind: A Manic’s Mood Chart is the story of one Millennial’s bipolar life, with moments ranging from the ridiculous to … Continue reading

Living Beyond Yourself: How To Navigate Into Success And Significance (Fulfilled Life, #4) by Moses A. Ojute

Life is not about you but about acting God through your niche, to anyone you come across without segregation, it’s about adding value to life, doing what God created you to do, navigating into real success and significance. Living beyond Yourself: Navigating into success and significance will guide you on how to identify your problem … Continue reading

Fruit Is Not Dessert: Rich Low-Calorie Desserts (Scrumptious Low-Calorie Recipes Cookbook) by Joan Holcomb

Want to save calories on dessert? Tired of people saying, “have a piece of fruit for dessert?” Then this cookbook is for you! It contains recipes for cakes, pies, pudding desserts, and much more! Why settle for a piece of fruit for dessert when you can have much more? Recipes include: Lite Pineapple Upside-Down Cake … Continue reading