Why did Everything Happen? Death, Cancer and Recovery by Jeff Dawson

WDEH The white stripes on the road are passing by at breakneck speed. The bus driver does not heed our cries “to get off the road and pull over!” The driver is fixed on his path no matter how much you plead for a different path. He just keeps shifting gears and presses down on the accelerator. “We have to get off this road. This isn’t the path we chose!” That is only the beginning of the trip. Join Jeff Dawson as he takes you on an unforgettable journey over the last twenty-five years. You will endure business failures, divorce, and the loss of his children as the world around him crashes down. And to top it off he will take you through the loss of a partner, his father and last but not least his high school sweetheart he reunited with after a thirty year absence. He sets the tone immediately by describing his mind set in the fall of 1995. The company is going bankrupt, the mortgage companies are lining up with the courts to force eviction and to top it off he had to let the three loves of his single parenthood go live with their mother. The thought of suicide is strong he can taste it. But somehow, the thought of how they would remember their father is enough to pull him off the brink and somehow pick himself up and regroup. It is a roller coaster ride with many more valleys than hills. Just as you believe that your life is on track and you can sit back and relax, tragedy or disaster comes crashing onto the tracks. Another business failure and the passing of his father. You feel his pain as he regroups again and finds a good job in Dallas and starts rebuilding his life. But wait, a new twist enters the picture. Jeff is not looking for love but it finds him out of nowhere. He connects with his high school sweetheart and has the most intensive love affair anyone could ask for. Unfortunately, cancer strikes her down after a brief seven month love affair. Now, all appears to be lost. No matter how hard we try, everything we have worked for and everyone we loved have been taken. All hope has been lost. But on August 19th,2009 in a little cemetery in Seagoville, TX, all his pent up emotions pour out in a shower of tears and anguish. “Why, why has all of this happened?” Those questions are answered in a most unbelievable revelation. So, click on the button to buy this book, board the bus, take a seat, and prepare for the ride of your life!