Jackie’s Miracle (The Miracle Series) by Emeka Iwenofu


Enter the world of a young girl, names “Jackie” Jenkins, who has just been released from a 4-year prison term. Prior to that, she had a tumultuous childhood where drugs, alcohol, and abuse were all this poor young girl has ever known, and no real family to go to upon her release from prison. It isn’t until a total stranger, who is her parole officer, informs her of an ancient closely guarded “secret” that sends Jackie on an exciting adventure beyond her wildest dreams. In this secret, are step-by-step techniques which she applies that also serves as a blueprint for the reader in attaining “success” in their life… whatever that may be.

Witness a life-changing book that has every reader claiming it to be one of the greatest books, if not the greatest book they have ever read on success where they clearly understand and can start applying the principles in their own lives. It is a book which you’ll not only cherish but would want everyone you care about and love, to read.