Baobabs of Tete by Kari Dako


Baobabs of Tete takes us on a whirlwind trip around Africa in a tour de force
collection of perfectly crafted vignettes, each offering us an eye-opening glimpse into a starkly depicted reality filled with a cast of complex characters. In On Bare Chested Men we watch with a mixture of amusement and sadness as a group of Ghanaian students approach a contingent of topless foreigners allowed onto their university campus. The interaction is short, but impossible to forget. In The Boy we are forced to confront the dilemma of an ordinary woman who encounters a boy, armed with a stick, and the boy’s own desperation. In Purple Heart we meet Selina, a thirteen year old double amputee, who recalls a morning
like any other that ends in gunfire.

Worldreader presents this e-book in a new series showcasing fiction from Sub-Saharan Africa. Are you a worldreader? Read more about this not-for-profit social enterprise at


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