Surviving the Fourth Cycle is a uniquely told, true story about overcoming suicide, for anyone affected by the harsh realities of mental illness.

A long-time sufferer of ailments, including Agoraphobia, Borderline Personality Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, the author writes for therapy born out of necessity. He boldly invites you into his mind and shows you what it’s like to have reality come apart at the seams.

After a turbulent childhood filled with traumatic events, including the death of his parents, Nathan Daniels downward spiraled into hopeless despair and thoughts of suicide. Orphaned and homeless, he miraculously clawed his way out of the bottom of the barrel and lived a relatively normal life for nearly five years before he felt himself starting to slip into a familiar darkness. A cycle had begun that would continue to repeat itself throughout his life with ever-growing intensity and threats.

Surviving the Fourth Cycle swings pendulously back and forth between two stories that ultimately bleed into one.

You will experience the author’s most recent battle with mental illness through raw and honest journal entries that give you a rare “fly on the wall” perspective from a truly haunted mind. At the same time, Nathan rips his closet door off its hinges and lets all the skeletons come rattling out through a series of writings that are, in essence, the chapters of his life. You are in for a bumpy ride as he picks through the bones in these extremely personal essays that examine the intense relationships and experiences that have led to both his struggle to function in society, and his ability to persevere.

Read over Nathan’s shoulder as he scribbles feverishly at a secluded desk in his basement, and let him describe how the sights and sounds of Hypervigilence can instantly transform the world into a gruesome reflection in a funhouse mirror.

What’s it like to wake up with your clothes stained with blood from self-inflicted wounds that you don’t remember causing? How does it feel to lose sixty pounds of muscle tissue in a matter of months?

The author does well in his attempt to describe the indescribable and rationalize the irrational. Anyone who has suffered from similar afflictions will appreciate his candor and willingness to share his pain and experiences, in an honest effort to reclaim his life, through his writing.

From the powerful bond he shared with his mother, who would eventually succumb to the finality of terminal Breast Cancer, to the intense fear instilled by a psychotic father… Nathan takes you to hell and back, and you can’t look away.

The author seeks comfort in sewing needles, razor blades, and boiling water, where others find it in soothing music and bubble baths. Can he save himself from the persistent and convincing whispers of suicide and accept the love of the family he’s always wanted. Find out in this touching and real story about personal survival and self-awareness.


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