The Kindness of Ravens by Frank Bardessono


Daren was always ahead of the curve, a prodigal son without focus or direction. That’s why the drifters, the shamans of chaos, and the castaways of broken humanity were drawn to him.

As his supercharged empathy begins to manifest, revealing brief glimpses into higher dimensions most humans are not equipped to endure, he falls in love with Lee, an enigmatic, dystopian gypsy who might be an ancient Native American demigoddess.

Ever challenging conventional taboos held by his conservative suburbia, Daren straddles the thin line between excess and addiction with his two closest friends, Alex, a prince of hedonism

peering perpetual into the abyss, and Keith, a Zen surfcat aficionado of sweet riffs and a-frame waves. Daren soon discovers balancing different worlds, the ethereal and the material, is no simple task even for a supposed whiz kid.

Set against the decadent backdrop of 1980’s California, his journeys will take him from the idyllic ranch country of the gold coast to the sweat-soaked concert arenas of the Angel City,

from the white sands of Malibu to the underground sex clubs of San Francisco.

Owing allegiance to Generation X predecessors like Bright Lights, Big City and Less Than Zero, as well as the stream of consciousness styles of Kerouac and Castaneda, ‘The Kindness Of Ravens’ is a postmodern tale of magical realism that will take readers on a heartbreaking exploration of the human condition, wherein a young man’s struggles with substance abuse and the perils of spiritual revelation may result in nightmare, death, or worst of all, madness itself.


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